“Applying the Hay Formula is the only thing I did different and I got 327 bales more than I expected.  I am sold, I am definitely sold!!!”

“I have a field behind my home.  I have been cutting hay on that field every year for the last 18 years.  I get two cuttings a year, and each year, come hell or high-water, I get 180 bales from the second cutting of this field.  Some years I get 178 and some years I get 184, but, always basically 180 bales.

Most years, I do not even get a 3rd cutting.  In the years where I do get a 3rd cutting, I get at most 100 bales of hay.

This year, after the 2nd cutting (182 bales, just like clockwork) I applied Indian River Organics® Hay Formula – 2 gallons per acre mixed with 30 gallons of water.

Within 4 days I was astonished with the results, the hay seemed to be exploding up out of the ground!

In 5 weeks, with only about ½ inch of rain, I was cutting the third time.  I called my son from the tractor after I had reached 100 bales, told him I was way less than half way done with the field and already had 100 bales.  He said, “I don’t believe it”.  I took pictures and sent him, he was amazed.

I called my son after I had reached 180 bales and told him I was still not nearly finished and had already reached 180 bales.  He was astonished, said again “OK, I absolutely cannot believe you now”.  Again, I sent pictures.  He said, “Call me when you are finished, I cannot wait to see how many bales you get”.

I called a while later after I finished and tallied it up:  327 Bales from the 3rd cutting!!!!  Neither one of us had words to describe it, Indian River Organics® yielded truly amazing results on my Hay!”

Mike M. – Illinois

327 More Hay Bales Using Indian River Organics® Hay Formula!
327 More Hay Bales Using Indian River Organics® Hay Formula!