At Indian River Organics®, we specialize in providing customers with an all-natural liquid fish fertilizer as a method of foliar feeding plants. Over the years, our customers have experienced the growth of strong, healthy plants through this type of foliar application. And while we advocate for fish fertilizer as the best method available, today we want to highlight the advantages of foliar feeding in general.

It Has Been A Proven Science for Years

Decades ago, Dr. H.B. Turkey and others conducted groundbreaking experiments on foliar feeding of plant nutrients that resulted in incredible effectiveness. Foliar feeding has been widely used in agriculture as a cost-effective and efficient way of getting necessary nutrients into plants. Foliar feeding, especially with fish fertilizer, results in higher crop quality by correcting nutrient deficiencies experienced in depleted soils.

Gains in Efficiency and Utilization Are Significant

Dr. Turkey’s research showed as much as a 900 percent improvement in nutrient uptake at the roots from foliar feeding versus a soil application. During his research, he also found a 95 percent efficiency of uptake from foliar application compared to about 10 percent from soil application. He also noted that foliar application absorption was immediate compared to other methods that took longer.

Your Soil Gets The Benefits Too

Soils that have abnormally low or high pH lose the ability of proper nutrient uptake. Foliar spraying stimulates nutrients. As plant leaves get sprayed, they generate more carbohydrates that will be transported down to the root and released as exudates. This will stimulate microbial life in the soil, and the microbes will thrive around the root and mass produce more nutrients available to the plant.

If you are looking to grow healthy plants, you should give foliar feeding a try – especially if you use organic products like our all-natural fish fertilizer. This method has proven to be efficient and reliable. Grow the best plants you can today! If you have any questions about foliar feeding, feel free to contact us!