Indian River Organics® is leading an agricultural revolution back to the ancient basic principles of organically grown crops and produce. While modern gardening and agricultural trends tend to take convenient shortcuts with the use of synthetically produced fertilizers that lead to inferior yields, Indian River Organics® takes the high road with organic fish fertilizer. Employing traditions from a more wholesome era when ancient farmers in the Americas used only the materials directly from the natural environment, Indian River Organics® offers only natural fertilizers, such as fish hydrolysate, plant growth stimulant, liquid kelp concentrate, powdered nitrogen concentrate and a bio-carbon soil amendment. Triple-filtered for purity and quality, all of our products generate the type of results that only nature, untamed and untampered, produces – fresh, healthy, nutritiously vibrant, purely organic and of the highest quality achievable. Indian River Organics® products are compliant for use in Organic Growing Systems and verified by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Listings (All Indian River Organics’ listed products) and WSDA Registration. They will produce crops and plants that are abundant, healthy, strong and rich. You name it: vegetables, flowers, lawns, and gardens. Indian River Organics® does it right. We don’t do fish emulsion, which may have chlorine and lost most of its nutritional value from boiling. This is 100 percent fish protein. Our loyal customers are astounded with the results: fresh, vibrant vegetables, brilliantly bold garden colors and amazing, natural growth. We cater to both home and commercial users.Homeowners wanting to grow vibrant gardens or add zest to their flowers and plants find Indian River Organics® organic fertilizers the perfect ticket. Go to our Residential Applications page to learn more!

If you’re a farmer or a commercial grower, Indian River Organics® organic fish fertilizer is the key for reaping big results. Check out our Commercial Applications page to learn more!