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Why Indian River Organics®?

The team at Indian River Organics® specializes in the sale of organic fertilizers. Our product line includes fish hydrolysate, plant growth stimulant, liquid kelp concentrate, powdered nitrogen concentrate and a bio-carbon soil amendment.

Indian River Organics® products are compliant for use in an organic growing system and verified by OMRI listings (Indian River Organics Listings) and WSDA registrations. For commercial organic farmers, these verifications aid in USDA certification.

“Great for Everything That Grows!®” our products are guaranteed to promote the health of your soil, lawn, plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs and flowers. As a user of our organic fertilizers and products, you can rest assured that our team has triple-filtered all products to ensure they will not damage your application equipment.

Indian River Organics® is committed to providing customers with reliable and high quality products that are compliant for use in certified organic growing systems. Whether you’re a farmer trying to grow industrial crops or a home owner trying to grow a small garden, we guarantee that you can find what you need in our hydrolyzed liquid fish fertilizer, bio-carbon soil amendment, growth stimulant, powdered potassium concentrate or powdered nitrogen concentrate. All of these products work wonders on anything that grows!