Do you think all fish fertilizers are the same? If your answer is yes, think again.

There is a difference between a high-quality organic hydrolyzed liquid fish fertilizer, like the one offered by us at Indian River Organics®, and a lower quality fertilizer commonly found in fish emulsions. Today, we are here to explain the difference between hydrolyzed liquid fish fertilizer vs. emulsions

The Hydrolyzation Process

This process starts with sustainable, locally grown, consumable and clean fish. The fish matter is ground up to allow naturally occurring enzymes to reduce large organic molecules of protein into smaller components known as amino acids. These amino acids become more usable, making the absorption and retention of nutrients in plants more efficient. This all-natural enzymatic process also allows for immediate availability of other vitamins and minerals.

In its natural state, a typical fish contains about 2.3 percent nitrogen. Hydrolysate fertilizers have the closest amounts of natural fish content, making this form seven to eight times more usable than synthetic fertilizers.

Problems with Emulsions

Emulsions are the result of high-temperature rendering or cooking down of fish carcasses. During the cooking process, the extreme heat destroys the natural makeup of beneficial organic molecules. After the cooking is done, emulsions only use the remains of the fish after beneficial proteins and oils have been removed, which is why it’s common for them to contain synthetic sources of nitrogen, such as urea, to give an artificial nitrogen boost. Other problems include:

  • City water supplies are often used in the manufacturing process of emulsion fertilizers, which results in chlorine contents as high as 14 percent, which isn’t ideal for plants.
  • The thickness of the product makes it difficult to handle and easy to clog sprayers and foul holding tanks.
  • Emulsions come from fish that contain dangerous levels of mercury and PCB.

Hydrolyzed fish fertilizer is the way to go when trying to grow healthy plants. This type of fertilizer is cold processed to promote beneficial enzymatic activity, resulting in the purest liquid fish product that is full of protein, amino acids and beneficial organic molecules. Check out our products page to get started!