Today, the term emulsion has become used universally to describe liquid fish fertilizer, much like how the term Kleenex has become synonymous with tissues or Q-tip has come to mean cotton swab.  However, there are very substantial differences between Emulsions and the higher quality Fish Hydrolysate fertilizers.  The primary differences become apparent with a short description of the respective manufacturing processes.  For an Emulsion, you take the fish and cook, boil and render them under extreme heat, and then the beneficial oils are removed and sold into the Health Food / Vitamin Market where you have certainly seen Fish Oil Vitamins, etc…in the grocery or health food store.  Then, believe it or not, the actual fish meal and all the proteins and nutrients that it provides are stripped out and sold into the pet food and livestock food markets.  Only then is the stick-water with the few nutrients remaining processed into the product known as Fish Emulsion, which is often smelly and frequently clogs application equipment, and is generally difficult to work with.  In contrast, the High Quality Fish Hydrolysate Fertilizer is quite simply, 100% all natural liquefied fish, with none of the beneficial oils and proteins removed.  Fish are Cold-Processed through a natural enzymatic liquefaction process and then the liquid fish is packaged and sold.  The hydrolysate retains all of the beneficial oils and protein nitrogen and has a fresh fish scent.  We triple filter our Fish Hydrolysate so that it will NEVER clog your application equipment, and it easy to use.