The benefits of organic products have been given the spotlight recently, and this also applies to fertilizers. One of the most commonly used organic fertilizers is fish fertilizer. As the name suggests, the product uses materials from fish to provide nutrients to plants instead of synthetic fertilizers. Here are some reasons why using organic fish fertilizers is better than processed fertilizers.

  1. The Product Is Organic: This is the most appealing attribute of an organic farm fertilizer. Many studies have shown the benefits of organic products compared to synthetic products. The synthetic products get the chemicals into larger water supplies, contaminating the water and negatively contributing to the greenhouse effect. Our Indian River Organics Liquid Fish Fertilizer, for example, is made of 100 percent fish that is cold processed and enzymatically liquefied.
  2. The Product Works: Some people worry that organic fish fertilizers will not produce the same results as synthetic options, but the results prove that this is just not true. Organic products increase the amount of nitrogen that the plant receives, making them grow larger and stronger. Besides nitrogen, these fertilizers are also providing plants with potassium and phosphorus. These are the main ingredients in creating a healthy plant.
  3. It’s Safer For You and the Environment: Organic fertilizers are safe both for you and the environment. Using organic fish fertilizers ensure that the food items produced are free of toxic chemicals. And unlike organic fertilizers that are biodegradable, synthetic fertilizers can contaminate land and water, which is a cause of disease for humans and animals. The safer choice is organic fertilizers.
  4. It’s Good for the Land: One of the worst consequences of using processed fertilizers is that they are very bad for the soil. The chemicals can damage the land and cause the soil to become infertile. Organic farm fertilizer options are beneficial to the soil and nourish it for years to come. Ancient civilizations that only had organic fertilization options are using the same lands to this day while soil treated with chemicals is showing a significant reduction in production.

Try an organic hydrolyzed fish fertilizer for use on your garden or farm. You will see the benefits almost immediately, and you will be happy to know that it is not contributing to the contamination of water sources and the environment. You’ll quickly learn that you won’t want to go back to regular fertilizer.

If you have questions about organic fish fertilizers, we at Indian River Organics are here to help. Contact us.