Everyone who buys plants and flowers for their home or grows their own crops wants their plantings to be successful. They want to see flowering plants continue to flower and crops grow and provide great yields.

That’s where Indian River Organics comes in. Our organic products are designed to help you grow the healthiest plants possible. Many ask us how we do it. They want to know how our organic fertilizers do what they do.

To help you understand, we’re offering the four ways Indian River Organics benefits your plants. It’s based on the four pillars of plant health.

Elemental Nutrition

This is important for any plant. Our products provide the macro and micro nutrients required for superior growth. These nutrients are delivered in a form that is readily available to the plants, providing for immediate results. Our products provide the needed food source for plants, which stimulates the colonization of beneficial soil microbes.

Beneficial Bacteria

Some don’t think of bacteria as being beneficial but it can be. Bacteria increase the nutrient intake of a plant, enhancing its resistance to disease and pathogens and cycles nutrients more efficiently. Bacteria also improve soil structure, maximizing a plant’s root growth and allowing it to retain more moisture.

Root Mycorrhizae

Our organic products form a symbiotic relationship with plants by colonizing their root zone and providing greater absorption of water and nutrients. This makes the plants more drought-tolerant and reduces irrigation requirements, which can be very beneficial to the farmer. This also results in faster-growing plants.

Plant Enzymes

The plant enzymes promote earlier flowering, fruit set and larger blooms and fruit. Everyone likes larger fruit and larger blooms. This also slows the aging process of plants and raises the nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables. Plant enzymes are also responsible for improved plant vigor, root development and chlorophyll synthesis.

These are the four pillars of plant health and our patent-pending formula can help growers like you maximize your success when it comes to plant growth. To learn more about our entire line of organic fertilizers, check out our products page.