The lazy days of summer are a very busy time of year for gardeners and farmers; crops thrive in the warm temperatures and the harvest begins to hit full swing. With a combination of light, heat and moisture, your garden will provide an abundance of fruits, flowers and vegetables. However, even in optimum circumstances, soil often needs a helping hand from plant growth stimulant to provide excellent nutrition and support to garden plants.

Plant Growth Stimulant

Indian River Organics® Growth Stimulant is an organic biostimulant that provides essential plant nutrients that average soils may fail to sustain. By providing micro-nutrients, ectomycorrhizal fungal spores and chelating agents directly to your growing garden, you can ensure that your plants have all the elements they need to produce a healthy, vibrant crop. This product also improves your soil’s ability to hold moisture and nutrients to reduce stress and transplant shock while supporting the growth of your plants.

Reinvigorate Your Soil

Year after year, the soils we use to grow our gardens are depleted of essential plant nutrients, especially if the same crop is grown in the soil for many seasons. Indian River Organics® Growth Stimulant replaces these essential nutrients, beneficial acids, healthy bacteria and trace elements that overworked soils may lack. As an organic treatment, you can feel confident about the impact to soils and benefits to the surrounding environment, including beneficial insects and nematodes that are essential for healthy soils and gardens.

A Wide Range of Benefits

Plant growth stimulant also helps to aerate soils, buffer a buildup of salts and release existing nutrients in soils that can benefit growing plants. The healthy release of soil nutrients depends on many factors, including pH balance and mineral and nutrient concentrations in the soil. By bringing a healthy balance directly to your soil, Indian River Organics® Growth Stimulant allows plants to make the most of existing soils and absorb the nutrients they need through healthy, well-developed root systems.

An Organic Product for Optimum Plant Growth

Indian River Organics® Growth Stimulant contains ectomycorrhizal spores and humic and fulvic acid, which condition the soil and improve mineral absorption for surrounding plants for superior growth. Benefits to plants include plentiful blossoms and thriving development along with resilience to disease. Our patented extraction and manufacturing processes ensure that these biological benefits remain shelf stable in our concentrated organic products.

Enjoy a Thriving Garden

Join those who have enjoyed the benefits of Indian River Organics® Growth Stimulant, including organic farmers, commercial nursery owners and home gardeners. This beneficial product is certified organic by the Organic Materials Review Institute and the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Choosing to supplement your garden with our growth stimulant means you can provide ideal growing conditions for vegetables, flowers and trees and savor a bountiful harvest throughout the growing season. To learn more about this product and others, contact us.