Healthy eaters, avid gardeners and farmers understand that the high levels of pesticides and chemicals typically used to protect and to enhance the growth of fruits and vegetables is inevitably passed on – in one form or another – to the consumer. That’s the unhealthy reality. The fix: Use soil amendment.

Organic Soil Amendment Is Easy To Use

Indian River Organics® Bio-Carbon Soil Amendment provides an easy-to-use, remarkably healthy and natural solution that produces benefits in crop yield and nutritional quality far superior to industrial fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides with harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals.

This organic soil amendment provides gardeners and farmers with the confidence in knowing that their fruits and vegetables are going to embody that hardy and robust nature our ancestors enjoyed.

Indian River Organics®’ soil amendment works by strengthening plants’ root systems and their ability to retain water and vital nutrients. By initiating the natural growth process with the use of the soil additives, plants grow stronger, healthier and as nature intended – without employing potentially harmful chemical fertilizers.

Mix the Bio-Carbon Soil Amendment into garden or farm soil or in containers. The ingredient infuses into the soil 72 trace elements and minerals: humic and fulvic acids, nitrogen fixing bacteria, disease-suppressing bacillus, and root zone-enhancing mycorrhizal fungi. The National Organic Program certifies the amendment for use as 100 perfect natural and organic.

Numerous studies have shown immediate improvements in soil quality of nearly 100 percent, which significantly increases crop and plant growth and robustness. While the newly rich soil substantially promotes natural growth, its water-retention and ecologically friendly qualities reduce long-range lawn and garden maintenance costs.

The rich soil causes crop and plant roots to grow deeper, producing more vibrant growth and further enhancing water-retention capabilities. Crops, plants and turf are more resistant to stress and disease.

Size Doesn’t Matter: Go Commercial or Residential

Indian River Organics® provides an unprecedented level of convenience for those who are serious about taking their gardens or farms in a natural and organic direction. Indian River Organics® Bio-Carbon Soil Amendment comes in various sizes to accommodate the needs of gardeners or farmers. Sizes include: 2-pound packages, 5-pound packages, 40-pound bags, 1,000 pound super sacks and by the ton.

Indian River Organics® Bio-Carbon Soil Amendment produces exponentially greater, healthier and stronger harvests. Using these natural products opens commercial farmers to the organic market, an increasingly growing segment of food industry. Contact us.