You want a great looking garden, producing beautiful blooms or plenty of vegetables and fruits. The problem is your flowers and crops don’t always cooperate. Liquid Kelp Concentrate could be the answer you’re looking for.

Kelp is a natural plant fertilizer with zero environmentally damaging chemicals. It comes from sustainable seaweed that grows in the nutrient-rich North Atlantic. Kelp can grow to heights of three feet in a day. After harvesting, it is washed with fresh water to lower the salt levels and then it goes through a specialized digestion and refinement process that results in novel compounds that are nothing short of a plant superfood.

General Benefits of Kelp

Kelp provides numerous benefits to the plants including:
• It sweetens fruits and makes vegetables bigger.
• It helps plants remain firm by preventing softening.
• Kelp promotes flower production for the development of fruit.
• It reduces disease-related plant deaths, by increasing plant resilience.

It makes the plant roots large and wide enough in order to draw maximum nutrients from the soil. If there is a problem with the roots a plant will not thrive. To help you better your roots and grow healthy plants, consider Indian River Organics’ Liquid Kelp PLUS Concentrate .

Liquid Kelp Concentrate

Liquid Kelp Concentrate is formulated to enable healthy plant growth, production of large amounts of produce and to allow the blooming of flowers for your garden to look vibrant. It is mixed with water to make a solution which can be applied on gardens using an irrigation system, sprayer or a watering can. It has benefits similar to those of the standard kelp but with the added benefits of potassium. The potassium enables the successful activation of enzymes to facilitate plant metabolism. It can be applied to plants at any stage for maximum absorption. The kelp solution will allow your plants to maintain moisture, keeping them rigid. The rigidity, in turn, allows the plants to absorb sunlight for photosynthesis.

You now have the solution to make your garden attract bees and produce the results you’re looking for. Contact us today and let’s get your garden growing.