Our line of organic plant supplements has many uses and benefits. Browse through our selection to see how our products can help you. Indian River Organics® home garden fertilizer and organic plant supplements will help you grow the best plants, fruits or vegetables possible. Filled with organic nutrients, our products will help you grow strong and healthy plants. Continue reading to learn how your plants will benefit from our product.

Liquid Fish Fertilizer

  • Uses:
    • Lawns
    • Plants
    • Vegetables and fruits
    • Trees and shrubs
    • Seedlings and transplants
  • Benefits:
    • Our proprietary and all-natural fish fertilizer provides much more than N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) found in synthetic fertilizers.
    • This product provides a comprehensive mix of macro- and micronutrients, trace elements, minerals, amino acids, peptides, proteins, calcium and enzymes, all in a useable form perfectly suited for maximum efficiency of uptake for your plants and turf grasses.
    • Nitrogen from fish lasts longer when applied in this plant-friendly product! Other fertilizers provide an immediate blast, but are washed away and used up in just a few days. Indian River fertilizers penetrate deep in the soil, providing sustained-release nourishment for up to 15 weeks!

Plant Growth Stimulant

  • Uses:
    • New plants and flowers
    • Vegetables and fruits
    • Seedlings and transplants
  • Benefits:
    • Natural plant growth stimulants, or biostimulants, increase performance of growing plants without compromising their health.
    • Our plant growth stimulant is packed with key hormones that will aid in the growth of strong and healthy plants. Stimulants can make a plant’s metabolism more efficient, increase the overall quality of plant attributes and facilitate nutrient assimilation.
    • Our product adds carbon to depleted soil and increases soil water holding capacity. Rodale Institute states that 1 lb. of carbon can hold up to 40 lbs. of water.

Powdered Kelp and Potassium Concentrate

  • Uses:
    • Crops
    • Arable land
    • Lawns and grass
  • Benefits:
    • Potassium is an essential nutrient for plants, which later on contributes to the health of animals and people who consume those plants.
    • Naturally derived from powerfully beneficial North Atlantic Kelp, or ascophyllum nodosum, this product responds to whatever the stage the plant is in at the time of application.
    • This product will contribute to the successful activation of enzymes fundamental to a plant’s metabolism.
    • Our concentrate will aid in maintaining the necessary water contents in a plant, which contributes to plant-cell rigidity, leaf vigor, and results in efficient photosynthesis.

Powdered Nitrogen Concentrate

  • Uses:
    • Crops
    • Arable land
    • Lawns and grass
  • Benefits:
    • Our nitrogen concentrate will provide essential supplements that are required for photosynthesis and efficient plant growth.
    • Nitrogen will aid in the production of protein in the form of enzymes and nucleic acids.

BioCarbon Soil Amendment

  • Uses:
    • Vegetables and fruits
    • Flowers
    • Potted plants
  • Benefits:
    • Provides long-term soil biology and increases water retention in dry environments.
    • Indian River Organics® BioCarbon Soil amendment solution improves soil’s capacity to hold nutrients essential for plant health and growth.
    • This product reduces the need to use fertilizers.

 ArkPro Natural Humate Compound

ArkPro is a natural Humate compound, from a single source, with a diverse selection of live biology. This unique formulation provides the most environmentally acceptable solution to odorous biological reactions (Verified USDA Organic) available on the market today!  ArkPro was developed over more than 10 years of extensive research and has been absolutely proven through extensive field evaluations.

ArkPro is a Biologically Active Carbon based product that has the proven ability to remove Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia and Mercaptan based odors.

ArkPro Applications include:

  • Landfills
  • Animal waste ponds
  • Industrial Waste Water Flows
  • Digesters
  • Food Processing Manufacturers
  • Aeration basins
  • Municipal Sewer Systems
  • Quarry Ponds

Features and Benefits

  • Fast Acting – Results Begin Immediately on Contact and Maximize with Full Impact Within 12 to 48 hours of Application
  • Long Lasting – Eliminates Odors for 30,60, and Even as Long as 90 Days
  • Powerful – Significantly Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide Related Corrosion
  • Economical and Cost Effective – Amazing Results with Low PPM Rate Requirements
  • An All-Natural Non-Pollutant, Absolutely Non-Corrosive and Verified Organic!
  • Stimulates and Enhances Microbial Populations, Beneficial to Receiving Water Systems

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