Organic Fertilizer Testimonials

Indian River Organics® sells products that work. Whether you are in need of liquid fish fertilizer, a plant growth stimulant or any of our other organic soil and plant products for commercial or residential use, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results. Learn more from our organic fertilizer testimonials!

Most people think about feeding their plants strictly in terms of N-P-K, but those nutrients alone aren’t enough. Our all-natural liquid fish fertilizer delivers much more than just N-P-K, providing everything your soil and plants need for maximum growth, yield and hardiness. Indian River fertilizers are specially processed in a manner that preserves natural enzymes and quickly breaks down the fish proteins into small chain amino acids and peptides. Natural chelates are also created within the hydrolysate, making trace minerals including iron, copper, zinc, sulfur, magnesium and calcium easily soluble for plants and turf.

Before and After

Indian River Organics® customers have over the years raved about the results from our fertilizers. Reviews are phenomenal. We invite you to see for yourself what other customers have to say about our products on our testimonials page or take a look at the organic fertilizer results photos. Many of our happy customers have sent us pictures of changes they observed before and after using our products. Users of our fertilizers say they’ve seen it work wonders, transforming the way they growth plants and vegetables.

If you’re looking for powerful, all-natural fertilizers – Mother Nature’s “secret recipe” – explore our products page today! Or if you have any questions about how to use our products, please visit our applications page.