The Indian River Organics® Difference

You don’t have to just ask our happy customers. Read the history books. The pilgrims, taught highly productive ways to grow crops, attest to the truth. Indian River Organics® organic fertilizer results are timeless. Made from pure organic fertilizers, Indian River Organics® products can transform your landscape into a wondrously vibrant, healthy, fast-growing and nutrient-rich pastureland the way nature intended.

Before Application: Growth Is Slow, Weak

In an effort to expedite the process and increase profits through mass production, modern farming techniques employ synthetic ingredients and products that strip produce of nutrient content and often generate sub-standard, stunted growth.

While modern gardening, farming and fertilizing techniques are sometimes used to manage vast spreads of land for the purpose of quick turnarounds, the end results are weak with diminished vitality and are often laden with unnatural chemical additives that may lead to health problems.

After Application: Growth Is Vibrant, Strong

Applying Indian River Organics® fertilizers, which are 100 percent fish protein, will transform your production. This is Mother Nature’s “secret recipe” for vibrant, abundant growth.

Users of this fertilizer, the same type the American Indians used in teaching the early Pilgrims, give rave reviewers. Read our customers’ testimonials.

Gardenia plants grew twice as fast and considerably larger in size. Tomatoes were larger, plumper and more deeply red. Plants of all types grew more plush and fuller in shorter time spans. Vegetables were thicker, stronger and taller and grew to more vibrant hues of green.

We don’t cut corners or take the easy route with Indian River Organics® products. Unlike fish emulsions, our products are human-consumption grade fish, cold-processed with no chlorine or danger heavy metals. Fish meal is not removed.

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